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Meet Melissa

I've dreamt of being a Make Up Artist since I was a child. I remember eating my mother's Neon Coral Lipstick and smearing it all over my face.  For Halloween, I would paint my own face with grease paint sticks, but I was just a kid.

Growing up, I was inspired after watching Star Wars & American Werewolf In London &  the rockband KISS. I knew that Make Up Artistry was going to be my passion for the rest of my life.

Many years later, I graduated  with a Associate's Degree in Fine Arts and decided to enroll at Joe Blasco Hollywood in 1998 and right before I graduated, I landed my first job recreating monsters for Universal Studios. Since then, I've worked in the Film, Televison, Music & Fashion Industries for the past 11 years.

Being Reliable, Professional, Outgoing & Creative has lead me to many amazing adventures in my career. I've worked with many of today's Top Fashion Photographers from Mike Ruiz, on America's Next Top Model, to Alex Solca, awesome Rock Photographer. I've had the pleasure of working with Jay Manuel on his red carpet events from the Emmys to the Academy Awards.

I've taught Special FX Make Up At Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. And have also worked for the Government, in a Medical Combat Wound Training program for our Troops. I've also loved working with Amazingly Talented Individuals... You know who you are :).

I'm so very grateful to GOD; I feel he's Blessed me with a special gift and a career that I Love with all my heart.